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Las Letras de Kill on Command
de Vio-Lence

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[editar]Nombre del artistaVio-Lence
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I am a Presidential toy
And I am Government employed
In their game of death I never lose

And when I'm told to do a task
No questions I will ask
Just show me his file and
rid that commie dead


I will shoot from a distance
It will kill you in an instant
Not a drop of blood on my suit

If I see you blink your eye
Then surely you will die
I'll be there and gone
before you even twitch


The blood I love the most
Is from terrorists who boast
Of their car bombs when our bombs
Are bouncing off their heads

With my crosshatch on his chest
You could probably guess the rest
When you see his lifeless
body hit the street

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When I terminate these assholes
And then bury them in deep holes
I'm rewarded highly by my Government

Yes my job I love to do
And I'm doing it for you
Killing for money it ain't a shame


I shed no tears for the buried ones
The ones I lay to rest
Don't ever question why I kill
Just know I do my best

A million dollar - PAYCHECK
I pull the trigger - BLOODSHED
The bullet rips through - YOUR HEAD

I've killed so many - TIMES BEFORE
I've watched the bodies - HIT THE FLOOR
I'm always needing - WANTING MORE

I've dealt out death - SO MANY TIMES
Only one thing running - THROUGH MY MIND
Money, money, money, money - MONEY

So when the file's being - PULLED ON YOU
I tell you what you're - GONNA DO
Stand still and make my
job a little easier!
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Las Letras de Kill on Command
de Vio-Lence

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