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Las Letras de Pop Songs
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I hate Pop Songs
They think they're clever, I
think they're wrong
I hate bubble gum punk
They got the look but the music is junk

I hate anyone that savors
The foul stench of this months flavor
And hell is a place that you can go
If you like disco or techno

Pop songs
Pop songs
Pop songs
Pop songs

Hi boys and girls
come on and get happy

I hate Puff Daddy
And his friend the dead fatty
I hate the grateful dead
But I'll be grateful when the
rest of them are dead

I feel like I'm on pins and needles
How many bands can rip off the Beatles?
And every day there is another
Band that got big by playing a cover
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I hate pop songs
I hate pop songs
I hate pop songs
I hate pop songs

lala, lala, lalalalalalalala

I hate Celine Dion
Titanic Song makes me wanna moan
And if I hear another love ballad
I think I'm gonna have to
toss my salad and

I hate teen idols
they got signed by old
farts with fancy titles
There's nothing worse at least to me
Than stupid lyrics with
a lame ass melody

I hate pop songs, pop songs
I hate pop songs, pop songs
I hate pop songs, pop songs
I hate pop songs, pop songs

Pop songs, I hate pop songs
Pop songs, I hate pop songs
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Las Letras de Pop Songs
de Suicidal Tendencies

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