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Las Letras de Romeo
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I have a secret place inside my mind
Where I keep hidden inspiration you will find
And when my petty anger goes to my head
You'll find I'm better off dead

Oh, and I now hold the key, to find out what is killing me
It's been so long but somehow I just still care

I am a Romeo, am a Romeo, with no place to go
Hey hey hey
Pick-it-up, pick-it-up, pick-it-up, pick-it-up
Hey hey hey

Sometimes I think you hate me, hang up the phone
But take a closer look, this hate I feel is my own
So many times I've loved you, more than myself
It's time to take that love and put it on the shelf

Oh, and when I hold you tight
It makes me want to scream and fight
Love turned to hate
Some how it's just, how it's just, how it's just too late

I am a Romeo, am a Romeo, with no place to go
Hey hey hey
Pick-it-up, pick-it-up, pick-it-up, pick-it-up
Hey hey hey
Pick-it-up, pick-it-up
Hey hey
Hey hey hey

Rock the reggae music, 'cause it sounds so fine, right
When I hold you tight, in my arms you are mine
But in the morning when I wake up and I still feel the same
I know something goin' on and I know who's to blame

Every time I tell you I'm the real Romeo
Letras de canciones similares en fills my soul and heart with anger, pain, and sorrow
'Cause somethings going on and I think you should know
So listen to my rhyme, 'cause this is how it goes

In a tight mini short in a short mini skirt
It feels so wrong and it feels so right
The more I think about it your a pain in the ass
I told you many times, this time it's gonna last
Want the kind of woman who can make me feel right
Not sloppy drunk sex on a Saturday night 'cause

I am a Romeo, am a Romeo, with no place to go
Hey hey hey
Pick-it-up, pick-it-up, pick-it-up, pick-it-up
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

Pull up your honey if you gotta one see
'Cause your down with the style, 'cuz your down with me
Oh, rig the selector when your on the mixer
Along with Peter Metro upon the echo chamber

Two, one, no they must see but no, they can't test me
Two, three of them come and say you can't test me
'Cause me rock the reggae music in a different style
Me rock the kinda reggae music right on time
'Cause your down with the band that they call Sublime, right?
Don't take it too slow, don't take me wrong
Me know which way to go

Me, me, me, me alright
Me rock the reggae music day and all night

Makes you wanna explode
Makes me wanna explode
Makes me wanna explode
Makes you wanna explode
Sometimes it makes you wanna explode
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Las Letras de Romeo
de Sublime

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