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Las Letras de Monster jam
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Monster jam

This is a monster jam

This is a monster jam
I'm a vet, yet I never been in Vietnam
But come to think of who I am
It's not amazing that you're praising all the lyrics I flam
When I'm bustin a discussion to the percussion
I leave it to the Flatbush Crew to do the rushin
Cause I'm kinda laid back, MC's please stay back
If you try to riff, you'll be stiff on the way back
Home, inside a box with bottles and rocks
I know the time, you know why? because I got nuff clocks
In my house, always like to know the time of the day
Take a shower every hour to be sure that I stay
Fresh and never less, because I don't like germs
On the mic I like to psyche by usin phrases and terms
That only I could begin to comprehend
And understand how I use and choose the lyrics that blend

Monster Jam
This is a monster jam

I got the dope hype--type style
Try to bite, we might fight and you will not smile
Cause I'ma damage and ravage, you are a savage
I'ma choke your mediocre, novice, average
Letras de canciones similares en into a pulp, then I'ma gulp ya up
>From out a cup and leave you without a hope
I'm only dope, yo, I'm just provokin your brain
I like to tease, I like to skeeze, I got a brother named Wayne
And I'm a Taurus, I brush my teeth and also use ???
I'm a king, I like to sing, I got a choir and a chorus
I was born on the 16th of May
You do not have to know the year, just
be concerned you hear the day
So you can bring me my crown and then king me
Rejoice to the choice voice, then sing me
A song, make it long, so that I can hear
The praise for days and days and days to the next year

I'm a special professional, my kind is ???
The rhymes are so precise just to the fraction of a decimal
Rhyme, so sensational, I'm very educational
This is a presentation, I guess it's presentational
Yo, I'm Special Ed, I get the bread, I get the cash
Don't steal, I make it, try to take it, get bashed
I am protective and selective when I choose my rhymes
Unlike the other MC's I make g's, not dimes
I got a rhyme to keep you rockin all the time
Like I said I'm Special Ed, if you don't like it - the heck
Cause I'm a slow pace, never race, never smoke the crack base
>From the pipe or the wooler, not a fool, much cooler
Not dunce, smoked once, never ever choked once
Look good, dress fly, love ??? apple pie
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Las Letras de Monster jam
de Special Ed

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