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[editar]Nombre del artistaSlightly Stoopid
[editar]Letras de idiomaInglés
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i said now c'mon little baby
say why don't we go
on down to mexico
hey little darlin' then i'm dyin' to take you
on to jamaica
look in my eyes and i'll tell you face to face
i'm going to the the place that's best yes
they keep you warm, but they
be your sunshine yeah
you call me yours i'll call me mine, yes
overcome those devils with
something called love
overcome those devils and
then rise up above love
i don't love violence
but i don't love evil
i love something that is real yes
you wanna fight me?
do you got something to prove, prove?
go on and make your dirty move, right
and if i was to sail on a ship
it would be 'cross the sea
me open up me mind dream become reality
but me open up my dream say
but if you say it's true
but tell me little girls what
am i supposed to do?
when she come to give good loving
yes good loving all the time
but yes the sex is best
coming in the morningtime
besides this pretty girl
yes she tell me feel fine
hit down the treble
boy here come the bassline
i singin' c'mon little baby
listen close to what they've got to say
Letras de canciones similares en be the bassline from the
jungle make you feel irie
they be the one they callin'
s-t double-o p-i-d
i'm slightly stoopid baby
slightly but not completely
oh yeah
how many people wanna go
on to the land that they call mexico
come feel me
how many people wanna take ya'
said over to 'dem island
that they call jamaica
yeah, dem a supercat i feel
they never wanna g'wan
lord him a supercat i feel
they never wanna g'wan
no lord they never wanna live
to see jah rising sun
oh come on listen ragamuffin
want to chant you down
say now
how many people wanna stop me
lord they comin' non-stop
come fi yes they come to rock
come feel them
how many people in jah dance
lookin' for some lovin'
an' loving and romance'
they comin' up on my riddim'
but creator said
lord i a man go steal it
i say go jah man go
lord they've got some problems
know me don't think so
want sinsemilla....
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Las Letras de Mexico
de Slightly Stoopid

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