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Las Letras de Inevitable (English Version)
de Shakira

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To be true I must confess
Making coffee I'm a mess
Don't know anything about football.
Been unfaithful once or twice
Cannot even win at dice
As for watches, I don't use one.
To be completely honest,
No one thinks of you
Quite the way I do...
It's all the same to you now.

To be true I must confess
I never sleep by twelve or less
Never take a bath on Sundays.
Since I'm telling you so much,
I cry in earnest once a month
When the weather turns to freezing.
With me nothing is easy
Only you can tell
You know me so well...
Without you everything's a bore.

The sky has seen a million raindrops fall
The hours seem to crawl.
And every day that passes is the same,
Just like yesterday.
Letras de canciones similares en can't find any way to forget you because
to keep in loving you,
is inevitable.

I always felt that it was true
When we would talk of me and you,
I should be the first revealing.
Sure you know what's going on
Nothing's better since you're gone
At the very least I'm still breathing.
And you won't be returning
nothing left to tell.
I know you so well...
What will I ever do without you?

The sky has seen a million raindrops fall
The hours seem to crawl.
And every day that passes is the same
Just like yesterday
I can't find anyway to forget you because
To keep on loving you
Is inevitable.
I always felt that it was true
When we talk of me and you
I should be the first revealing...
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Las Letras de Inevitable (English Version)
de Shakira

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