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Las Letras de Tomorrowland
de Savage Circus

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[editar]Nombre del artistaSavage Circus
[editar]Letras de idiomaInglés
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Grey is the sky and cold is the wind
Shadows dancing inside of my room
Make them go away
Leave me alone

Endless days and lonely nights
In solitude, removed from the world
That surrounded me
Feel like I'm fading away

Fading away

Sometimes I wish I
could dive just in
One of those fairy tales
A world full of secrets and magic
So many wonders to unveil

Send me a child

On the tale of a falling star
On the quest for Tomorrowland
I close my eyes and I make a wish
Bring me home to Tomorrowland

Tired and weakened I barely exist
Seeing the world
through a blurry mist
Let me go
Letras de canciones similares en want to be in that distant land

Where I'd be riding on a white horse
Saving my princess from harm
I'll be a hero courageous and bold
Holding her in my arms

I'd be the golden knight
At gallop I'd come along
I would be racing the winds
I would be strong

Once upon a time


Now darkness is falling down
By the break of dawn I'll be gone

My touch is now cold
But I'm not afraid
I'll be on the way
The way to escape
I'm hearing the hoof beats
My armour will shine

Once upon a time

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Las Letras de Tomorrowland
de Savage Circus

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