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Las Letras de Sexy and Christian
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[editar]Letras de idiomaInglés
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I'm falling in love with Debbie Boone
I hope I get to meet her soon
She looks so pure, so damn good
I'd be faithful yes i would
Holy Schmoley so hot and holy
Finger licking good like guacamole
Anyone got her home phone number
Like without Debbie is a total bummer

Sexy and Christian, her faith and trust
Sexy and Christian, born again lust
Sexy and Christian, what a mystique
Sexy and Christian, my little Angelique

Baby, baby you light up my life
Baby, baby would you be my wife
I want to be more than a fan
To be your one and only God fearing man
No matter how far or harsh the weather
We'll make a church and pray together
Personal friends of Jim and Tammy Baker
A contented hubby and little home maker

Letras de canciones similares en and Christian, guest spots on pay T.V
Sexy and Christian, the happiest
Christians that'll ever be
Sexy and Christian, paid virginal dues
Sexy and Christian, whiter than daddy's shoes

Jesus whispering into our ear
Replaying the message for us all to hear
If we ever go astray or get lost
Remember our Lord died on the cross
With strength we can win
Against these creeping thoughts of sin
And if we pray for hours and hours
Eternal salvation will be ours

Those religious preachers we'll have to endure
But our souls will be clean and pure
Being with her would be total bliss
Just to hold hands, neck and kiss
Blinders on day to day
Make believe every thing's okay
Anyone got her home phone number
Life without Debbie is a total bummer
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Las Letras de Sexy and Christian
de Mdc

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