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Las Letras de Sin Ti
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Chorus 2X
Ya no quiero llorar
y no quiero sufrir
Necestio tu amor
yo me muero sin ti

I told you when I met you, that I had someone in my life
I won't tell if you won't tell, is what you said that night
Do you remember it started as a game,
But when you play with fire, sometimes
you can't put out the flame
You said that you's a big girl,
understood the circumstances
Never took for granted sneak away romances
Tonight's the last night, I can't go on like this
Gotcha cryin' on my sleeve, tryna beg me not to leave
Por favor no llores, girl I gotta go
Estoy perdiendo tu llanto rompe el Corazon
And if I stay 5 minutes I just might give in
it's a battle I can't win, more than just a sin
Made a promise to myself, plus someone else
From this day until the end, I gotta be somebody else
Forgive me mama if I'm making you cry,
I never meant to change your life but I gotta say good-bye

Ya no quiero llorar
y no quiero sufrir
Letras de canciones similares en tu amor
yo me muero sin ti

So many times you make mistakes, lying to the ones we love
I should've seen this coming, but I
chose to be the selfish one
My mind is thinking, I'll just see her one more time
no more sneaking away to hotel, telling these lies
But every time we see each other, I can't let go
Still my thoughts are saying, you got a good girl at home
A good mama to the kids after she works all day
Does she deserve to be mistreated, in
the like of this way'. No
But on the other hand, I got you on the phone
Telling me that you can't wait, to have me in your arms
Damn I'm going crazy, losing my mind
I shouldn't see you on the side, but it feels so right
Maybe after tonight we can say good-bye
And I'm thinking to myself, this is
got to be the last time
Ya no llores baby girl don't cry,
You deserve somebody better that's gonna love you right

Chorus 2X
Ya no quiero llorar
y no quiero sufrir
Necesto tu amor
yo me muero sin ti
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Las Letras de Sin Ti
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