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Las Letras de Music man
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The music man (Repeat 4x)

I am the man, but I'm not the one with the can in his hand
I'm down with a different kind of street band
And I appear from place to place as the
Music Man, AKA Master Ace
Stacks of flyers are pressed up
All the part people are home getting dressed up
Just to hear the sound of the underground
Fusion, and the bass like thunder pounds
And so they pack the show just to see
He who claims to be the Music Man

The music man (Repeat 4x)

It's about time for the music man to rip
First I take a sip, then I like grip
The crowd tight into my hand with the loud
Intro, then throw lyrics from a cloud like Zeus
I'm the one to get the ladies loose
Baby, you just got seduced and juiced
By the Master Ace, I'm not a villian from a place
In the West, that was just the was I was dressed
And so, looking for lust I stand
I got girls, but I would never bring sand to the beach
Each and every person give a hand
And swing with the capital A, the Music Man

The music man (Repeat 3x)

Letras de canciones similares en bet you thought the Music Man would take a short
I fought tooth and nail to prevail in this sport
So lend me your ears, my peers because here's
Who doesn't fear another because fear's
In the mind, so don't try to scare because you might find
A chair thrust upon your back with the wack
So there, I put you in your place with haste
Now flee, cause now you can't be Master Ace, the Music Man

The music man (Repeat 8x)

I'm here to reach the youth
The only way that I can to that is to
teach the truth, so I do
Some used to diss and dismiss this
But then many of those small minds grew
To understand the mission of the Music Man
I know the time, and I clock dough so I'm grand
But I'm not a father, no I'm more like the sun
Shining down on every single one
So run, run and tell em all
Yell it from a wall, the Music Man will never fall
Or fail, raps tip the scale to get you hot and
I wear cotton, I don't bail
Or pick, I like to kick raps, hape, you have none
So quit, gather round, hear the sound of the man
Cause I can, yes you know I can, yes I can can
Satisfy with the fly display, this may dismay
But I am, the Music Man, yeah I'm the Music Man

The music man (Repeat 4x)
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Las Letras de Music man
de Masta Ace

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