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Las Letras de Linda Mujer
de Lil' Rob

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[editar]Nombre del artistaLil' Rob
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Verse 1
Every time I see you
I just wanna meet you
Say hello how you doing?
What are you doing tonight?
We should hook up tonight
Have some fun tonight
Is that alright
I love your smile
You smile so bright
I'll compliment you all night
Thats no problem
If you got flaws I can't spot 'em
You ain't got 'em
From top to bottom baby you got it
And I want it
Classy but erotic and
modest and honest
You're one of the finest
girls I've ever seen
You and me would be a good thing
You can depend on me
Ven aqui take a chance on me
I guarantee I'll do whatever it takes
To make you feel happy
Just treat me right
And I'll be right
The only thing you'll need tonight
And every night I'll tuck you in
To make sure you'r sleeping tight
Blow out the candle lights
And kiss you goodnight

Linda Mujer tu sabes
Bien que te quiero baby
You drive me crazy
Such a classy lady
Such a lovely lady
I think I love you baby

Linda Mujer
Tu sabes bien
Que te quiero
Y por tu amor
Yo si que muero

Verse 2
I saw you kickin' back
down the block
You stole my breath I
couldn't talk couldn't walk
Couldn't breathe please don't leave
You might be the one I need
Hopefully we'll talk eventually
Do you mention me
When you talk to your friends?
Oh how I hope you do
I wanna get close to you
Do you notice me notice you?
Letras de canciones similares en everything you do
I don't even know you
But I want to
Do you want me? cause I want you
And i'll do what I got to
Everytime I dream it's about you
There's something about you
There's something else
Couldn't see myself with no one else
It's just the little
things you do that
really gots me digging


Verse 3
You're so sophisticated
And I hate it
Gots me intimidated
I've got things to say
And I can't say 'em
Rather make this slow
jam and play it
Dedicated to you by
the man who made it
Let me be your favorite thing
Head of your daily routine
You can tell me how you feel
Baby I'm for real believe me
I know what you mean
My love is king
Let me crown you with my heart
Think we're wasting time
and I think we should
Well it's getting dark
Better let you go where do you live
And can I get you home
Do you have a phone I
can reach you at?
A favorite place where I
can meet you at?
Get together and have a drink or two
And let you know just how
much I think of you

Linda Mujer tu sabes
Bien que te quiero baby
You drive me crazy
Such a classy lady
Such a lovely lady
I know I love you Baby

Linda Mujer
Tu sabes bien
Que te quiero
Y por tu Amor
Yo si que muero
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Las Letras de Linda Mujer
de Lil' Rob

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