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Las Letras de Frozen in Time
de Kataklysm

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[editar]Nombre del artistaKataklysm
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(Chapter 1 - Will Of Suicide)
Here at Stonehenge I
stand in front of my
Preparing to travel in a dream. =
Far into a subconscious mindscape.
The meditation begins today. =
As the full moon passes away.
Not knowing what's to tell. =
Concentration of my inner self.
As pure as a glass reflection. =
I gain control of my
matter and perception.
With my Grimoire. =
Near the altar at Stonehenge.
Casting my conjuration. =
Through mighty pronunciation.
As the first word of power echoes...
The moon becomes eclipse. =
The one eyed typhoon.
Absorbes the sky. =
The winds amplify.
With the smell of
The yelling of the
second word brings forth
Come... THOTH
I open wide my veins
to unleash the putrid
inside me.
Escaping reality from my body. =
Everlasting lust of death.
Blood falls from the sky. =
My staff held high.
Capting energy from reality. =
Breaking the flow time.
Letras de canciones similares en the spirit cry. =
Lost into the agonizing storm.
Deathless carion. =
Light field protecting.
>From forthcoming damnless evil. =
Focus my energy
Creating a cone of lightning. =
A black hole, an opening.
Of a gate for my destiny. =
Entering the world of ABSU
I'm about to die.
Body collapsed with my soul.
My spirit sucked in the hole.
Demons from the ancient past.
Negative forces within.
Unhuman beings.
Deep in the hordes nest. =
The battle of Damians.
In the eternal darkness. =
Azure of dark guardians.
Attacked by entities. =
Psyche power is fading.
Abuse be mental aggressivities. =
Terror, inflicted
pain.=0BTrapped in
trance, as I burn.
Without time and existence.
My lost hope,
No escape, as I suffer.
In my grave,
In darkness, I will raise.
>From my fear, Infinity blind.
Forever tortured, mind.
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Las Letras de Frozen in Time
de Kataklysm

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