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[editar]Nombre del artistaKano
[editar]Letras de idiomaInglés
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Mike Skinner
Seriously man,
Like, you know when you got a good girl,
Or you know when she means
something to you, & you've got
like, a name.

Leo The Lion
Here we go again
Here we go

Mike Skinner
Like I had a name for this girl,
I used to call her
Cos she always played red, in Connect Four.

Leo The Lion (Chorus)
Link em & leave then em high,
I've been telling all my man's for time,
Link em and then leave em high,
They never take my advice,
But now I realise, I realise why,
They have not been listening all this time,
Cos since I linked you, last night,
I wont be taking my advice

I call her "Nite nite"
'cause she sleeps from the day
right to the bright light,
and I like her too much to say bye bye,
But we getting on fine right,
I don't wanna spoil it,
I don't why I can't commit to girls,
And I tell white lies, I'll
find out the hard way,
Cos she got my favourite smile,
her favourite style,
The first hotel, My favourite time,
And later we could have a baby,
maybe a baby boy, my favourite
"I'm way too tired", My favourite lie,
My verse on so sure, her favourite rhyme
The windows are steaming up like it's naked time,
Wait, we're way too bait,
I bought her favourite shoes, or they better be,
And she's even my favourite size,
And she knows I hate holding hands,
and I'm hooded up when it's
bait inside,
So I guess she's my favorite, right?

Leo the Lion
Cos nothing comes close to you.

So numbers? No boys are taking yours,
And no girls are taking mine,
Groupies? f*** that, I'm taking time,
We speak from like 8 till late at night,
When we gets on top, drop my favourite line:

Leo the Lion
Girl, I ain't going nowhere.

Kano (spoken)
I plain ain't going nowhere,
Letras de canciones similares en, I like you, and it might take some time,
But really I'm like:

Leo the Lion & Kano
Here we go again,

Leo the Lion (Chorus)

I call her sometimes, and I wake
her up at some dumb times,
Touch my phone, and her number my thumb finds,
Cos she's ideal, like a nice
meal, and a night in, with a
nice feel,
Maybe some wine,
Maybe sometime we could hold hands in
the park, in the sunshine,
Be patient with me if I got 3 raves in a week,
Or in a studio, away for a week,
One day we could book a vacation and leave,
But please: "No
drama", I don't need beef
like shane, forbe, fabian an
I'm just focused on making the
peas, Breaking the team, Chasing
a dream,
I ain't on the street, maybe sometimes,
But you can't say I don't make enough time,
We speak everyday and meet every week,
So I dunno. Maybe it's me.
You? You got it planned out,
I don't make plans,
You know me, I wait and I see,
But if we were together, or even now,
If we weren't
"sort-of", but were
Would you be faithful to me?
Treat me massage me, and make me a tea?
Come link me, lay and wake up
from sleep, and look hot like
80 degrees?

Leo the Lion
And you know I never say that sort of thing

Kano (spoken)
See? That's an angel to me
I wouldn't have said that before, you get me?

Leo the Lion (Chorus)

Leo the Lion
No, no, no, no, no, no
Oh my, my, ow,
Baby we could do this again sometime,
I even have a special name for you,
It's "Long Baby", cos you
always on my mind, yeah.
I'll tell you straight, so straight, yeah,
I won't tell my mates,
No, no, I know, No, I know,
Yeah I like you,
Here we go,
Here we go again,
Here we,
Here we go again.
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Las Letras de Nite Nite
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