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La Versión 2 de la Letra a
Live Out Loud por Group 1 Crew

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[editar]Nombre del artistaGroup 1 Crew
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Checka checka mic check one two, let me break it
diggy down for you, we don't think that we anybody
cool but hey we just do what we do, God made us
unique and so sweet so we confidently re rep this
beat, please don't mistake my swag for the vanity
believe my faith runs too deep, I got bananas not
to draw attention but to remind you where I come
from, x thug now I love more than some gi gi get
one giving hugs when I'm done, give an autograph
not b/c I'm a star but cause a lil bit of nice
goes far you can love my style love my car and
I'll show you how I love my God

Turn it up, live your life loud bring the noise,
turn it up you're one of a kind lift your voice,
turn it up don't be shy now girls and boys, live
out loud, turn it up till the speakers go thump
thump, turn it up everybody do what you want,
don't be shy now bring the funk, live out loud

Can't believe the way you made me came out so
beautifully, everything you put inside me belongs
there so naturally, the world tried so hard to
change me just to fit inside the mold, but I'd
rather be the wonder that you made though I've
been told it's the way you move the way you talk
that makes you who you are but I'm not gonna let
Letras de canciones similares en change me into someone they want cause I've
been made to shine to change your mind to question
what they say is right we all were made for
something that's so beyond our mind

Who would of though I´d be on your TV rockin an
m-u-l-l-et 3 latinos no, not family but 3 amigos
on the m-i-c c-i-m convinced and my hearts at ease
since my god has predestined me to be like all I
can be like the army I just stepped up and took it
so gladly here's the interesting part to the story
Christ came and he bought us back for his glory
the same chances I got you got it homey why you
think I opened the door it wasn't for me

It´s for my brothers and my sisters that are caught
up in the mixture your life is the bigger picture
don't doubt that you're a star cause I've been
made to shine to change your mind to question what
they say is right we all were made for something
that's so beyond our mind

Ya, uniqueness is your destination ya'll and the
world's been waiting for you to get there, we all
were made to be one of a kind, the genuine
article, turn your life up. That's how we do it,
now's the time to live loud. We gotta bring it up
ya'll, there's so much more for us we just gotta realize it
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La Versión 2 de la Letra a
Live Out Loud por Group 1 Crew

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