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Las Letras de I See You
de Group 1 Crew

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[editar]Nombre del artistaGroup 1 Crew
[editar]Letras de idiomaInglés
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I see you when I'm staring in my coffee cup, or
when I'm downtown as I wait for the bus I see you,
oh how I see you, oh on the lonely nights as I
stare at the stars and how the trees blow as I
walk through the park oh I see you, oh how I see you

I see you in my mind and every time I wake up,
reminds me of the time when I was trying to find
love and I would, try so hard to show you how good
I was but all I did was prove that it was never
enough cause you love me like I was your sweet
buttercup, and I'm addicted to the way that you
would never give up, I see us on the cover of our
own magazine we'll call "life in the arms of a king"
and we would talk about everything and anything,
and anytime that you would sing my heart
would ring so I had to pick up, I'm glad that it
was you on the line cause you, got me got me out of my mind

I've seen the highs, I've seen the lows, but where
I'm going is a question that I'll never know, but
what I know is that you'll always be there for me
that's why I see you in everything Good friends
Letras de canciones similares en come, good friends they go, it´s just a
product of this crazy world and how it goes, what
doesn't change is that you'll always be there for
me that's why I see you in everything

your energy molded to take it´s natural form
tangibly known through a song makes a heart feel
at home, a quiet whisper through the breeze in the
trees is how you let it be shown so I can
cherish on every moment that is born, my life
has been better since I've read your love letters
stress has gotten light like feathers and your
genuine like leather, you made this man walk on a
different level my past is settled I'm attached
like Pinocchio and gapetto, a masterpiece composed
the greatest story ever told, there hasn't been a
better headline published in the post, I wont go
any where your love wont go I've been told if it
ain't broke leave it alone you got me falling got
me falling for your love, and now I wondering if
I'll ever get enough, ain't no sunshine ain't no
sunshine when you're not on my mind, it´s so
amazing how you're making me feel when I see you I
know that it´s real
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Las Letras de I See You
de Group 1 Crew

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