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Las Letras de Going On
de Gnarls Barkley

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[editar]Nombre del artistaGnarls Barkley
[editar]Letras de idiomaInglés
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I've seen it with my own eyes
How we're getting otherwise
Without the luxury of leaving

The touch and feeling of free
Is intangible technically
Something you got to believe in

Connect the cause and effect
One foot in front of the next
This is the start of a journey

And my mind is already gone
And though there other unknowns
Somehow this doesn't concern me

And you can stand right there if you want

But I'm going on
And I'm prepared to go it alone
I'm going on
To a place in the sun that's nice and warm
I'm going on

And I'm sure they'll have a place for you too, ooh

Anyone that needs what they want
Letras de canciones similares en doesn't want what they need
I want nothing to do with

And to do what I want
And to do what I please
Is first on my to do list

But every once in a while
I think about her smile
One of the few things I do miss

But baby I've got to go
Baby I've got to know
Baby I've got to prove it

And I'll see you when you get there

But I'm going on
And I'm prepared to go it alone
I'm going on
May my love lift you up to the place you belong
I'm going on

And I promise I'll be waiting for you, ooh

Don't follow me
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Las Letras de Going On
de Gnarls Barkley

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