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Las Letras de Turn On The Lights
de Future

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I'm lookin' for 'er
I'm lookin' for 'er
I'm lookin' for 'er
I'm lookin' for 'er

Verse 1:
Is that her in the VIP-line
With the Vuitton and Yves saint Laurent
Used to drive the Nissan, now she in a Beamer
I don't want 'er cause she from the corner
And I heard that Beamer was a loner
Her old man, the owner
And I don't even drink Corona's
What type of drink you want bruh
I'm champagne forever
I'm dirty Sprite forever
You can come sit with me
If you'd like to change the weather
If you wanna live better
We can buy a crib, wherever
Don't get too thirsty, get used to this cheddar
I wanna tell the world about you just so they can get jealous
And if you see 'er 'fore I do tell 'er I wish that I've met 'er

Turn on the lights
I'm lookin' for 'er too
I heard she keep her promises and never turn on you
I heard she ain't gone cheat and she gon never make no move
I heard she be there anytime you need 'er, she come through
Turn on the lights
I'm lookin' for 'er
I'm lookin' for 'er
I'm lookin' for 'er
Turn on the lights
I'm lookin' for 'er
I'm lookin' for 'er
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I'm lookin' for 'er

Verse 2:
Send 'er my way
Tell 'er I've been lookin' for 'er in the broad day
Hangin' with the dope boys in the hallways
And I know, to keep 'er, yeah, you gotta get that cake
Turn on the lights
I'm lookin' for 'er too
I heard she got a pretty face and stand up like a stallion
I heard that she a precious jewel, you treat her to medallions
I wanna be the one to find out if I go to prowlin
And if I get the number, you know I can't wait to dial it
And if we get together, girl, you know we gon be wylin'
And when we get together we make magic and it's ours
Whenever you up here ain't nothin' nobody can do about it


Verse 3:
She a hood girl
But she a good girl
She been mislead
Now she ready for the world
I want your energy
To take control of me
I've tried to go to sleep
And seen 'er in my dreams
Just in case I run across her today I'm a stay clean
Just in case she recognize a face, send 'er to me
And tell 'er I've been lookin' for 'er with a flashlight
You can't tell a nigga nothin' because I got my cash right
And tell 'er if she honest and promise she stay true
Make sure, when you tell 'er, tell 'er we goin past the moon

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Las Letras de Turn On The Lights
de Future

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