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Las Letras de One's own Self
de Every Day Life (Edl)

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[editar]Nombre del artistaEvery Day Life (Edl)
[editar]Letras de idiomaInglés
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many times own when I thought I could stand only
made me naive and young short of a man falling a
away on a another false story further
away from the path of glory hurling down
the road without victory blind with rage
this child that couldn't see everything that was
waiting for you and me the answer is
inside myself that where my heart should
be how wrong to think that we could even
be God the helpless wallow in hate when they've
been barred with disbelief from that which we
despise we'll have to God before His eyes

One's own self there is no
answer internal struggle that feeds as
cancer .

To many things to be
are now known as true but heart and mind and soul
is truth inside of you and how alone we stand in
our own end the voice inside our own head is not
our own best friend questions start and the
tearing then begins another vicious circle that
you know will never lend out a hand of help from
this abyss a thousand times the words from our own
lips could be the only thing even help us walk in
light breaking the chains that will bind this
Letras de canciones similares en life with disbelief is something that
must be taught this crutch is something
that was meant to be fought .

One's own
self there is no answer internal
struggle that feeds as cancer our own
dismay is after-math submit and heed or
suffer the wrath .

Come to grips with
facts that we can not change anything that our God
has arranged in this life through all persecution
He offers us this one solution submit and heed and
he'll do his work denial of our self is our self
we hurt because his love is something abound to
fill the ears with a glorius sound that comes down
in the backing of authority inhabitor to the
temple is what we'll be with the love of the
Father dwells upon your side there is
nowhere to run and nowhere to hide .

own self there is no answer internal
struggle that feeds as cancer our own
dismay is after-math submit and heed or
suffer the wrath .

One's own self (6x)
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Las Letras de One's own Self
de Every Day Life (Edl)

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