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Las Letras de The Devil Went to Jamaica
de Elvis & the Hammer Band

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[editar]Nombre del artistaElvis & the Hammer Band
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Fiddle intro.

The Devil went to Jamaica,
He was lookin' to sell some weed.
He was doin' fine.
They were standin' in line.
It was excellent weed, indeed.

When he came across this young man,
Who was likewise peddlin' pot,
An' the Devil slid down the beach to the kid,
And said, "Boy let me tell you what.

I guess you kinda figured,
I'm a refer-head, of course.
And after all this time, I guess,
That I'm a connoisseur of sorts.

Now your stuff smells OK, but this
Could tranquilize a horse.
I'll bet a million in cash, against your stash,
'Cause I think mine's better than yours."

The boy said, "My name's Johnny,
And you ain't smoked nothin' yet.
One hit of this grass 'ill kick your ass.
You got yourself a bet."

Johnny roll a ball of hash,
And make sure it's the bomb.
'Cause the Devil's got the kind of stuff,
They smoked in Viet Nam.
You'll get a million smack-er-roos in cash, if you can cope.
But if you can't the Devil'll get your dope.

Instrumental break featuring fiddle music.

The Devil packed a bong
With a little Acapulco Gold.
And resin flew from his fingertips,
Letras de canciones similares en he fired up his bowl.
He filled that chamber all the way
And he took a mighty hit.
As they passed it back and forth,
It gave 'em both a coughing fit.



When the bowl was finished, Johnny said,
"Hey, man, that stuff was great.
But fill your lungs with some of this,
And prepare to vegitate."

Cannabis Sativus, Sweet Maryjane.
The Devil's in the back yard, frying his brain.
Zig Zag filled with a diggity-dank.
Hold on tight, it'll hit'cha like a tank.

The Devil nodded off because,
He knew that he was stoned.
An' he asked if he could buy an ounce,
Of the stuff that Johnny owned.

Johnny said, "Devil, jus' come on back,
If you ever wanna catch a buzz.
I done tole you once, you son of a bitch,
Mine's the best there ever was."

An' they fired up doobies one by one.
Ain'a-gonna stop till the bag is done.
Green as a bull frog, sticky as glue.
"Granny do you get high?" "Yes I do."

Written by: David Allen Coe
Performed by: Elvis & the Hammer Band
Appears on: Unknown1
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Las Letras de The Devil Went to Jamaica
de Elvis & the Hammer Band

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