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Las Letras de Goodbye to Love
de Carpenters

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[editar]Nombre del artistaCarpenters
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I'll say goodbye to love
No one ever cared if I should live or die
Time and time again the chance for love
Has passed me by
And all I know of love is how to live without it
I just can't seem to find it

So I've made my mind up
I must live my life alone
And though it's not the easy way
I guess I've always known

I'd say goodbye to love
There are no tomorrows for this heart of mine
Surely time will lose these bitter memories
And I'll find that
There is someone to believe in
And to live for
Something I could live for
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All the years of useless search
Have finally reached an end
Loneliness and empty days
Will be my only friend
From this day love is forgotten
I'll go on as best I can

What lies in the future is a mystery to us all
No one can predict
The wheel of fortune as it falls
There may come a time when I will see that
I've been wrong
But for now this is my song

And it's goodbye to love
I'll say goodbye to love
I'll say goodbye to love
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Las Letras de Goodbye to Love
de Carpenters

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